Saturday, January 19, 2019

Software GUI Design

Versatile Smart Sign™ Studio

Visual & UX Design: Designed the GUI
(graphical user interface) for the application, as well as worked closely with the developers to help create the interactive user experience.


The Application: Versatile Smart Sign™ Studio is an application for designing, managing and deploying interactive media across an unlimited amount of digital signage screens/devices, to any location containing internet access. The application includes a mobile engagement for creating mobile web applications to use in conjunction with the large screen offerings, such as registrations, couponing, customer recognition and location capture.


See what the application can do!

Click the image to the left and open the YouTube play list, showing nearly 30 digital signage demos in a variety of industries and venues.


The graphics in these samples were created using the Versatile Smart Sign™ Studio application.


Interactive Media Demo Play List


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Chad Arentz
Partner / Creative Director
(717) 525-2667

Matt Beekman
Partner / Design Director
(570) 906-9294

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